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I created a theme using the sencha cmd on a dummy app and now I want to use that theme on other applicattion. I've copied the theme folder to my app's packages folder and it's working fine.

I made some changes so I tried to use "sencha package build" to compile the theme and got this error:

[ERR] null
at com.sencha.command.environment.PackageEnvironment.loadBaseConfigs(
at com.sencha.command.environment.PackageEnvironment.<init>(
at com.sencha.command.environment.BuildEnvironment.load(
at com.sencha.command.Sencha.loadBuildEnvironment(
at com.sencha.command.Sencha.<init>(
at com.sencha.command.Sencha.<init>(
at com.sencha.command.Sencha.main(

I thought the error was related to the theme but I also get this if I try to execute a sencha command from my app folder:

[ERR] Command must be run from an application folder

Obviously it's some kind of misconfiguration but I have no idea how to solve it. Any suggestions?

Edit: I've generated a new app with sencha cmd and copied the code from the old app to the new one. Now it's not building:

[ERR] com.sencha.exceptions.ExBuild: com.sencha.exceptions.ExParse: Failed parsing path/ext-all-rtl-sandbox-debug-w-comments.js
[ERR]   at
[ERR]  org.mozilla.javascript.ast.FunctionNode.visit(

Is there a way to compile the theme without using the cmd on ExtJs 4.2?

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Are you running the command from your application's folder? – cclerville Apr 25 '13 at 20:44
Yes. The thing is someone else created this app. I know he used sencha cmd to generate it but maybe some files are missing. Is there a main config file or something that I should check? – nahl Apr 25 '13 at 21:13

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Actually, the issue with this error is that when you unzip the library, make sure you don't play around with the directory structure and/or content.

Basically in the sencha.cfg file, you will find the following entries

app.framework.version= app.cmd.version=

Initially, my extjs library was under extjs421, which was the root of the library as I hate to have a directory within a directory and no other content.

I was able to generate the app, but, couldn't do a build.

So, I took my zip file and unzipped it, but left it intact, no renaming and/or content shuffling.

sencha --sdk ext-4.2.1-ent/ext- generate app Blah myBlah I modified the sencha.cfg file to have the neptune theme I did sencha app build

worked like a charm, no errors


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The structure of these applications is the same? Ext versions? Look at sehcha.cfg file (yourAppFolder/.sencha/app/sencha.cfg). Changes may be needed.

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Ok, this is it. I don't have a .sencha folder in the app. Is there any way to generate it without losing anything? – nahl Apr 26 '13 at 9:41
A valid application directory is one that was generated by Sencha Cmd. I think you can try generate new app in another directory, and paste code from old app. – Vlad Apr 26 '13 at 9:53
Thank you. Lets see how it goes. – nahl Apr 26 '13 at 10:02
It didn't worked. I generated an app, builded it and it was working fine but as soon as I pasted the code from the old app the app build command stopped working. I've edited my first post with new error. – nahl Apr 26 '13 at 16:11

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