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I'm using the .NET smtpclient to send an email with an RTF attachment. I've used this code a bazillion times before, but never to send an attached RTF to an iOS client. Using the first-gen iPad and iPhone 4S, when I attempt to view the message, the RTF code is embedded as text in the message instead of arriving as a separate attachment.

This works on other email clients, but is picky about iOS. I understand that RTF support came late to iOS, but if I create a message + RTF attachment with Outlook, the iOS email client reads it properly.

Is RTF still badly-supported? Any hints on troubleshooting or even where to start?


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Where's your code? This could be a number of issues and posting the code would help narrow it down. I'd probably start by checking that you have the correct MIME type. –  JamieSee Apr 25 '13 at 20:52
Indeed, it had to do with Mime type. The app was using "text/rtf", which apparently iOS has trouble with. Instead, I used MediaTypeNames.Application.Octet and set DispositionType to DispositionTypeNames.Attachment. It's explained in this article: stackoverflow.com/questions/3870562/… –  user2321499 May 2 '13 at 15:45

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