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I am using WIA2.0 on VB6. I could do scanning without anyissues.. But, the problem is i could not figure out the number of pages scanned when it's ADF. I could see something like this in msdn.

WIA_DPS_ENDORSER_STRING with a token as $PAGE_COUNT$ The number of pages transferred. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms630195(v=vs.85).aspx

But, i don't know how to access this in VB6. Any help would be appriciated.

Thanks. -Dinakaran.AS

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As far as I can tell this count is probably strictly local to the scanner itself when it has an endorser printer. It may even be a "hardware" counter much like photocopier counters. It probably can only be reset using a physical key or administrative password at the scanner to unlock and reset it. Looks as if it is meant for auditing purposes.

WIA_DPS_ENDORSER_CHARACTERS (ScannerDeviceEndorserCharacters)

Contains all the valid characters that an application can use to create valid endorser strings. An endorser is a printer installed on a scanner that imprints a text message on every page scanned. The minidriver should validate the setting of the WIA_DPS_ENDORSER_STRING property against the valid character set in this property. The minidriver creates and maintains this property.

WIA_DPS_ENDORSER_STRING (ScannerDeviceEndorserString)

Contains a string that is to be endorsed (in other words, printed) on each page that the minidriver scans. An application sets this property using the valid character set that is reported in the WIA_DPS_ENDORSER_CHARACTERS property. The minidriver should endorse documents only if a string is set in this property. An empty string means that the endorser functionality is disabled.

Then we have:

WIA_IPS_PAGES (ScannerPicturePages)

Note: This property is supported only by Windows Vista and later.

Contains the current number of pages to be acquired from an automatic document feeder. The minidriver creates and maintains this property.

Type: VT_I4; Access: Read/Write; Valid values: WIA_PROP_RANGE This is zero through the maximum number of pages that the scanner can scan. The value is ALL_PAGES (= 0) if the scanner can scan continuously.

An application reads this property to determine the document feeder's page capacity. The application also sets this property to the number of pages it is going to scan.

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Thanks for you response.. But, unfortunatly my legacy application runs only on XP.. Vista or later is out of question. I am trying to figureout a way to count the number of pages in the .tif image that was scanned. –  obulix Apr 26 '13 at 15:37
If you check the documentation you'll find that WIA_IPS_PAGES is a replacement for an older property in XP. But neither of them will provide what you want. If you have a multipage TIFF loaded the ImageFile object's FrameCount property tells how many pages there are. –  Bob77 Apr 28 '13 at 0:29

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