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In the SessionLoginSample example from the Facebook for Android 3.0 SDK, the LoginActivity returns an access token in the session object.

How do I get user information from this access token?

Do I need to manually write a network call to the /me url endpoint, or is there a mechanism within the Facebook Android SDK which will do this for me using the access token

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The access token provides you the possibility of making request to the Facebook APIs accordingly to the access type and permissions related to it. With this you can manually do Graph API requests, that are low-level HTTP-based API. (See also the Graph API Explorer)

If instead you want to benefit from the SDK I suggest you to set up an Android project following the Getting Started guide. In fact the SessionLoginSample already uses more complex objects (like sessions), in order to avoid to using "explicitly" the Graph API.

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Use the Request.newMeRequest method. Pass in the session, and a callback, and it will call you back once it finishes.

Request meRequest = Request.newMeRequest(Session.getActiveSession(), new Request.GraphUserCallback() { ... });
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