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I have a web API running on Django using Mongoengine which does the following

print "Saving", data

I also have an API that calls this function in a pretty tight loop which results in the following log:

Saving {'answer': u'3'}
[25/Apr/2013 17:12:00] "POST /submit HTTP/1.1" 200 10
Saving {'answer': u'2'}
Saving {Saving {'answer': u'5'}}
[25/Apr/2013 17:12:00] "POST /submit HTTP/1.1" 200 30
[25/Apr/2013 17:12:00] "POST /submit HTTP/1.1" 200 30
[25/Apr/2013 17:12:00] "POST /submit HTTP/1.1" 200 10
Saving {'answer': u'1'}
[25/Apr/2013 17:12:00] "POST /submit HTTP/1.1" 200 10

Clearly, the saves are happening concurrently. The output is that I am rarely seeing all 5 results being written to the database. Is there something really fundamental I am overlooking here?

UPDATE: Using Mongoengine 0.7.9. Docs state:

Changed in version 0.5: In existing documents it only saves changed fields using  
set / unset. Saves are cascaded and any DBRef objects that have changes are saved as well.

Not sure if this disproves my theory...

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Churning through the logic, if I pull out a modelObj (A) any operations on that modelObj by other concurrent methods will not be reflected. Presumably calling 'save' is an absolute operation rather than an addition... –  acron Apr 25 '13 at 22:57
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Saves in mongoengine are atomic, however, when saving a list it does it as a $set for the whole list. So you could have a race condition.

This is why the preferred way to append to a list is to do a $push eg:

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Awesome, thanks. Nice to get a comment from the maintainer :) Out of curiosity, how would this look if my list we actually being appended to another list? I simplified the example but it looks like this modelObj.dataList[index].append(data) where index is the same value in my concurrent example. –  acron Apr 26 '13 at 19:56
Like this? modelObj.update(push__index__dataList=data) –  Ross Apr 29 '13 at 9:52
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