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Im using a library for extracting EXIF data from google code. I assume with iPhone OS 3 that you can use UIImagepicker to do it.

I just want to be able to extract the f-Stop, Shutter Speed and ISO data from the image. I want to discard the image and just use the information that I store up.

Would I end up extracting the tag data in the viewcontroller.m or h? This part of coding seems to baffle me a little bit and I cant figure out what to put where. Can anyone help me out? I still havent figured out XCode all that well.

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Whatever executable code you have needs to go in a .m (i**m**plementation) file, not a .h (header file). The headers are just for declaring things like classes, protocols, and methods, not for any real processing work.

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Are there any tutorials that you know of that explain using exif step by step? im using the one found here -


However, for a newbie like me, its not all that thorough because im coming up with errors and i am not sure how to resolve them.

I guess im just shy in all this. need a good place to start

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You will likely have trouble getting access to an images metadata if you get it via UIImagePickerController, due to the issues described in this question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1238838/uiimagepickercontroller-and-extracting-exif-data-from-existing-photos/1720783

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