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I am trying to catch user key press Ctrl+d on a GUI window to quit. My code looks like this:

static gboolean
callback(GtkWidget   *widget,
         GdkEventKey *event,
         gpointer    data)
    if(event->state == GDK_CONTROL_MASK && event->keyval == 'd')

    return FASLE;

This works on my laptop(Ubuntu 11.04, gcc 4.5.2, libgtk 2.24.4). But when I do the same thing on a newer system(Ubuntu 12.10, gcc 4.7.2, libgtk 2.24.13), it doesn't work.

I added g_print("%u\n", event->state); before the if statement, it shows that when I press Ctrl, the event->state is 20 instead of 4 or 1 << 2 in the documentation. If I change the GDK_CONTROL_MASK to 20, it works on the newer system but not the old one. Someone please tell me why this happen and how to fix it.

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event->state is a bitmap, which means that a value of 20 doesn't mean "20 instead of 4", but "4 and 16 at the same time". According to the headers, the value 16 (1 << 4) corresponds to the MOD2 modifier, which might correspond to the fn key present on laptops.

A simple fix is to use the & operator to check for control while ignoring other modifiers:

    if (event->state & GDK_CONTROL_MASK && event->keyval == 'd')

which will work on both systems.

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