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I am facing a problem with merging datasets that you guys might see it pretty straight forward.

Ok, here is the case: I have two datasets, one about mutual fund stock holdings (how many shares of a stock the fund holds in particular day) and another on stock prices (I first sort the holding data to get the list of company names and upload to CRSP to get the prices data for all the companies across the whole period of holding data). I want the stock price for a particular stock in a particular date to match with its corresponding stock holding in that day. For example:


- Date----Stock----Holding
- 01/01---Apple----100
- 02/01---Apple----150
- 02/01---Micro----200
- 03/01---Apple----150
- 03/01---Face-----100
- 04/01---Face-----100

Dataset 2: (I use sas to get the list of above stocks, apple microsoft Facebook to download all their daily prices from 01/01/2013 to 04/01/2013)

- Date---Stock---Prices
- 01/01--Apple---101
- 02/01--Apple---102
- 03/01--Apple---105
- 04/01--Apple---101
- 01/01--Micro---50
- 02/01--Micro---51
- 03/01--Micro---52
- 04/01--Micro---51
- 01/01--Face----15
- 02/01--Face----17
- 03/01--Face----18
- 04/01--Face----14

What I want is:

Dataset Merge

- Date----Stock----Holding----Prices
- 01/01---Apple----100--------101
- 02/01---Apple----150--------102
- 02/01---Micro----200--------51
- 03/01---Apple----150--------105
- 03/01---Face-----100--------18
- 04/01---Face-----100--------14

This is what I tried in Sas after sorting both dataset by date cusip_8 (company name):

data sample.sample_b_cusip_price;

merge sample.sample_b_cabot(in = A ) sample.sample_b_crsp(in = B);

by date cusip_8;

if A and B;


Here is the result (Failure: 0 observations for the merged dataset)

34   data sample.sample_b_cusip_price;
36     merge sample.sample_b_cabot(in = A ) sample.sample_b_crsp(in = B);
38     by date cusip_8;
40     if A and B;
42   run;

NOTE:There were 87660 observations read from the data set SAMPLE.SAMPLE_B_CABOT.
NOTE:There were 238517 observations read from the data set SAMPLE.SAMPLE_B_CRSP.
NOTE:The data set SAMPLE.SAMPLE_B_CUSIP_PRICE has 0 observations and 4 variables.
NOTE:DATA statement used (Total process time):
     real time           0.26 seconds
     cpu time            0.26 second

Could you please give me advice?

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You don't seem to have a cusip variable in your data set! I only see date, stock, holding, and price. – af. Apr 26 '13 at 1:24
Sounds like you have a problem with your data where it is not actually what you think it is - the dates are not the same, is my guess. – Joe Apr 26 '13 at 10:55
Please do not add [solved] in the title. Please write an answer to your own question, and accept this answer. – Benjamin Sep 29 '13 at 23:31

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