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How to make jslint don't display logs if it doesn't find any errors in sublime text 2.

Normally, it displays like this


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which plugin are you using? –  streetlight Apr 30 '13 at 12:31

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You can try SublimeLinter plugin.

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Assuming you are using sublime-jslint and not the other JSlint package...

This is your culprit:

if end and not self.use_node_jslint:
    text = '\njslint: ignored ' + str(self.ignored_error_count) + ' errors.\n'
    self.output_view.insert(edit, self.output_view.size(), text)

That snippet is from the jslint.py located in the sublime-jslint folder in your packages directory. Just go ahead and comment out line 114 and that should suppress the "ignored" message. To remove the "lint free!" message, comment out line 132.

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