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I'm opening valid XAML within my VS2008 solution in Expression Blend 3 and it is only showing XAML when I try to open individual XAML files. My solution/projects all build and run correctly.

When I go to View -> Active Document View the Design View, Split View and XAML View options are all grayed out... which doesn't make much sense.

I'm not much of a Blend user, but this has never happened before, and I'm coming up blank for how to fix it. Any ideas?

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How did you create your project ? Did you use the "Class library" templates in Visual Studio ?

I remember I had a similar problem. You can create a new WPF project and compare the CSPROJ with the one not working in Blend. You should be able to see the differences and add the missing lines in your CSPROJ.


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Interesting! I'll look into that when I get home tonight. Wouldn't have thought of that, thanks! :-) –  unforgiven3 Oct 26 '09 at 13:08

open the project file in notepad and add the following line within the <PropertyGroup>


Found the solution here -> link text

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For me, the problem was solved by changing the target framework of the project - I was using 4.5, but Blend could support max version 4.0 - try that...

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