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I am using MATLAB R2012a and I am trying to let the user crop the image WITHOUT the use of the built in function.

here is my code:

[x, y] = ginput(2);
m1 = [x(1), y(1)];
m2 = [x(2), y(2)];
m1 = int16(m1);
m2 = int16(m2);
[m, n] = size(manip);
s1 = (m2(1) - m1(1))+1;
s2 = (m2(2) - m2(2))+1;
temp = zeros([s1, s2],('uint8'));
p1 = 0;
p2 = 0;
for c1 = 1:m
    if ((c1 <= m1(2)) && (c1 >= m2(2)))
        for c2 = 1:n
            if ((c2 <= m1(1)) && (c2 >= m2(1)))
                temp(p1, p2) = manip(c1, c2);
            p2 = p2 + 1;
    p1 = p1 + 1;
out = temp;

and here is my result:
results of the cropping

Any ideas of what I did wrong, I can's seem to be able to see it. Thanks.

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I would imagine your error is here: s2 = (m2(2) - m2(2))+1; should this not be s2 = (m2(2) - m1(2))+1; ?

However you don't need that loop at all:

Iold = rand(300);
%crop 10 pixels off each side
Inew = Iold(11:end - 10, 11: end - 10);

or if you need the images the same size but with zeros where the cropped bits are:

Inew = zeros(size(Iold));
Inew(11:end - 10, 11: end - 10) = Iold(11:end - 10, 11: end - 10);    

or to generalize it:

Inew(xmin:xmax, ymin:ymax) = Iold(xmin:xmax, ymin:ymax);
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