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I am new to dr racket, am trying to write one function that returns true if

  1. list contains 3 elements
  2. If the sum of the sub-list of three elements equals the sum of the remainder of the list, assuming the list contains four or more elements.

No use of built in functions.

(define myfunction(lambda (sub subSum count restListSum myList)
  ((null? myList) (cond
     ((= 0 subSum) #f)
     ((= 0 count) #f)
     ((= 3(count myList) #t)
     ((= subSum restListSum) #t)
     ((myfunction subSum(+ sub)) (car myList)) (+ count 1) (cdr myList)) #t)
     ((myfunction sub subsum count(cdr myList)) #t)
     ((myfunction car myList) subsume sub count (cdr myList)) #t)
     ((and (not (= subSum 0)) (myfunction 1 (car myList) (+ count 1) (cdd myList))) #t)
        (else #f))))
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What is your question? –  Joe F Apr 26 '13 at 1:50

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Your code doesn't pass a syntax check. Rather than try to decode it for you, let me offer you this simple definition of a 'count' function, which returns the number of things in the list. This might help you take a step forward in reworking your own first attempt. Keep trying! You might define two or three helper functions for yourself as a starting point. You also need a function that takes a single parameter (the list) as a starting point.

(define (count theList)  
      ((null? theList) 0)
      (else (+ 1 (count(cdr theList))))))
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I have tried to stick to your initial idea and would suggest the following:

(define (myfunc lst)

  (define (inner-function lst count sum1-3 sum4-x)  
    (if (empty? lst)
          ((< count 3) 'error)
          ((= count 3) #t)
          (else (= sum1-3 sum4-x)))
         (cdr lst) 
         (+ count 1) 
         (if (< count 3) 
             (+ sum1-3 (car lst)) 
         (if (< count 3) 
             (+ sum4-x (car lst))))))

  (inner-function lst 0 0 0))
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