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I would like to test some exception handling logic in the empty catch block of the below code.

	//Do Some stuff that throws a exception 
	//This is the code i need
catch (Exception)
	//Handle things that inherits from Exception
	//Handle things that dont inherits from Exception
	//Want to test this code
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A very important note that's missing is that the doesnt inherit from Exception is possible, but only at CLR1.0 platform, or with WrapNonExceptionThrows turned off - both of which are very rarely seen. – quetzalcoatl Jun 14 '13 at 13:20
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Starting with CLR 2.0 this is not a scenario that you need to worry about. The CLR will now automatically wrap all exceptions which do not derive from System.Exception with a new Exception of type RuntimeWrappedException (Documentation).

This wrapping can be disabled by enabling a level of application compatibility but it is certainly not the normal or common case

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Thanks Jared this solves my problem. – Simon Oct 26 '09 at 1:58

You cannot write code that throws a non-Exception in C#. You would need to write it in IL (and compile using ILASM) or C++/CLI.

But, to be honest, I wouldn't worry about this scenario. The ability to throw non-Exceptions is not used in the framework, and I doubt it is used in much third-party code. I would only address this if you are using a library which you know throws non-Exceptions.

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+1 for helpful information – Simon Oct 26 '09 at 1:59

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