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To my project I add another separate project and added a database as an ADO.net Entity data model. Then I add a class and I wrote this function:

public void updateNote(int id, Guid userid, string message,  bool Flag)
    t_NOTE Note = GetByNoteId(id);
    Note.Description = message;
    Note.Flag = Flag;


But there is error on TryUpdateModel(Note);

The name 'TryUpdateModel' does not exist in the current context

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What does the class using this method look like? Is it inheriting from System.Web.Mvc.Controller? –  Jim D'Angelo Apr 26 '13 at 3:35

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If it's a compiler error then you haven't properly imported the class that contains the TryUpdateModel method. Did you use an import statement? You'll need to make sure the library is on your project's classpath. In Visual Studio you'd click "Add reference" to do that.

edit: See the following link for more details.

How do I use a C# Class Library in a project?

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