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I have a SoapUI project which contains around 60 plus services. Each service requires some input which will be changed for every execution. So I have created certain Global Properties and assign some values to that properties.

I have to use these properties values in my SoapUI request ( i.e. JSON Format request ).

If it is groovy script means, I will use like this.

String HTiC_Username = com.eviware.soapui.model.propertyexpansion.PropertyExpansionUtils.globalProperties['HTiC_Username'].value;

But, how to get the value of the Global Property in the request?

Hope you understand my question. Please provide proper guidance.


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To dynamically "expand" (i.e. substitute) the value of a property into a test step, the following syntax is used: ${#scope#propertyName}

...where 'scope' refers to the level at which the property has been defined (e.g. Global, Project, TestSuite, TestCase).

So to expand a property named username defined as a Global property, for example, the following code can be used directly within a Request Test Step (e.g within a JSON body, or header value, etc):


To access the same property value within a Groovy Test Step, you can use the following syntax: context.expand('${#scope#propertyName}')

...as in the following example:

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What we did was the following:

  • created a test data file to store all the specific input data for the different services (testdata.properties)

Example content of testdata.properties:




  • create a SoupUi global parameter (File/Preferences/Global properties): testdata_filepath=C:\...
  • For specific services we added a Properties test step. You can specify the "Load from" field to our new global parameter: ${#Global#testdata_filepath} Now you can use the Load button to load parameters.
  • Finally you can reference the parameter in your xml in the following format: ${Properties#Billing_customerID}

Example content of a service with parameter:


To set up your projects in this manner also helps to automate service tests eg. using Hudson (see my previous SO answer).

If it is too heavy and automation is not a target, you can simply use ${#Global#someinputvariable} format in your xml ;-)

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Thank you for your response. I don't see Menu -> Prepreferences -> Global Settings option in my SoapUI tool. Currently, I'm using SoapUI Pro 4.5.0. –  Karunagara Pandi Apr 26 '13 at 9:57
See my edit, I described wrongly –  codedad Apr 26 '13 at 10:35
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