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I am using sharekit to upload the image on twitter. I have set keys and callback URL perfectly.

But after entering my login and password credentials to upload image on twitter I got following error message.

"There was a problem requesting access from Twitter."

Earlier before few months in the same app I was able to upload the image with same code.

But right now I am facing the problem

can you tell me what is the exact problem

thanks in advance.

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There is some changes occur in share kit. To resolve this issue. You have to change some piece of lines in SHKTwitter.mfile under this method:

 - (void)tokenAccessModifyRequest:(OAMutableURLRequest *)oRequest

For detail info follow this link & make changes according to this link & then check:


Replace your this method with my & then check:

- (void)tokenAccessModifyRequest:(OAMutableURLRequest *)oRequest
    if (xAuth)
        NSDictionary *formValues = [pendingForm formValues];

        OARequestParameter *username = [[[OARequestParameter alloc] initWithName:@"x_auth_username"
                                                                           value:[formValues objectForKey:@"username"]] autorelease];

        OARequestParameter *password = [[[OARequestParameter alloc] initWithName:@"x_auth_password"
                                                                           value:[formValues objectForKey:@"password"]] autorelease];

        OARequestParameter *mode = [[[OARequestParameter alloc] initWithName:@"x_auth_mode"
                                                                       value:@"client_auth"] autorelease];

        [oRequest setParameters:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:username, password, mode, nil]];

    else {
             if (self.pendingAction == SHKPendingRefreshToken)
                            if (accessToken.sessionHandle != nil)
                                   [oRequest setOAuthParameterName:@"oauth_session_handle" withValue:accessToken.sessionHandle];

                        [oRequest setOAuthParameterName:@"oauth_verifier" withValue:[authorizeResponseQueryVars objectForKey:@"oauth_verifier"]];
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thanks for your help but as mentioned in url I wrote block of code but still I am getting same error. – user1954352 Apr 26 '13 at 5:31
Check my update answer.... – Vishal Apr 26 '13 at 5:35
Copy my method & then replace with your method then check.... – Vishal Apr 26 '13 at 5:35
thnks friend it works now – user1954352 Apr 26 '13 at 5:49
I have one another issue after doing it also. It is "there was an error while sharing". Previously i am able to post the image on twitter – Rahul Aug 29 '13 at 11:20

You can switch to ShareKit 2 - it is being updated frequently.

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