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I have two file names PC1.php and PC2.php each file gets the webcamera stream to a canvas and using xhr2(ie Post,rawdata.php, ) send to the server (ie i have configured PC1 and PC2 on apache server and also have php running).

Both the PC1 and PC2 used the save script rawdata.php to copy the webcam stream to a single file named 000.png file at 15-30 fps.

Using the tird php file named PC3_getpng, is using xhr2 (ie GET, /000.png,). The get save the data to img and then i write it to canvas.

On canvas i am getting both the webcam stream to canvas like a videoconference. Trick is that PC1.php and PC2.php are using drawimage() function to write it at some interval (ie calculated.distancexhr2)

Question is i am able to achive Videoconference without sound, test on localarea network with two pc. Does it make sense to go futher and develop from here any idea of light would be appricated.

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I suggest you play with web sockets for this. – Joseph the Dreamer Apr 26 '13 at 5:13
Joseph thank for the feedback :) – user2309614 Apr 26 '13 at 11:47

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