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What are the difference between a .msg file and a .eml file?

  1. I know that eml is infact a text file while msg is not.
  2. Both can be opened in Outlook.
  3. Outlook allows you to save the email as .msg but I didnt find an option to save as an eml

Is there anything that msg is capable and which eml is not and vice versa?

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MSG is an OLE storage file (IStorage). Unlike MIME (EML), it stores all MAPI specific properties that MIME cannot store.

To create an EML file, you can either

  1. Create it explicitly in your code one MIME header/part at a time.

  2. If you are using Extended MAPI in C++ or Delphi, you can use the IConverterSession interface that wraps the native Outlook converter. You can play with it in OutlookSpy - click IConverterSession button on the OutlookSpy toolbar.

  3. You can use Redemption and its RDOMail.SaveAs / SafeMailItem.SaveAs method.

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