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I have my domain name in godaddy's account. And I want to host that site on aws.

So for that I have created the EC2 instance and it is working fine with the public address they have given

I want to open the same thing with my domain name. How can I do that.

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Need more context on this. Does Route 53 already have control of your domain name?

If your domain is in Route 53 and the NS (nameserver) values are using AWS name servers, then the process of routing your EC2 enviornment to your domain is quite easy.

In that case, all youll do is a create an A-level record set with the alias target of your raw EC2 url. Normally you set your A-level record set to be ...

After that, for posterity and canonical redirect purposes--you'd create a CNAME record for could point to your A-level record set of

Hopes this helps!

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  • Make sure your web server responds on
  • Point your DNS record (root records and/or www record) to the web server I.P
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