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I'm developing a project in ASP.Net(c#). My project definition is Online Travels Booking System.

In my project there is a seating selection module. When I select a particular seat for a particular route using a check box, I create a session for the selected seat so that if I ever choose the same route, the selected seats should not displayed.

The problem I am facing is when I select a different route, I get a selected seat which I hadn't not selected previously.

This is urgent. Can any one help me to solve this problem?


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You need to bind the seat occupancy to each route - you can use or define a special data-type-structure to hold this info. You can create your own struct or array which holds the information of each seat occupied by each route. You can store this data-structure into a session and use it as and when you need it. You will need to update the data-structure in session whenever a new seat is occupied or a pre-occupied seat is released.

You can also use the database to store the information which I guess would be a better option.

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A dictionary might work well for your application

In psuedocode:

//  Read the selected seats and store them
OnCheckChanged( ... )
   Dictionary<Route,Seat> reservedSeats = Session["reservedSeats"] as Dictionary<Route,Seat>;
   reservedSeats[Current Route] = Selected Seat;
   Session["reservedSeats"] = reservedSeats;

//  Show the selected seats when they come to a specific route
   Dictionary<Route,Seat> reservedSeats = Session["reservedSeats"] as Dictionary<Route,Seat>;
   SetSeatSelection( reservedSeats[Current Route] );

Basically, you can store a dictionary object in the session with one entry for each route. Each session is particular to a specific user so this should suffice.

Although, you may want to just store it in a database if you want the selection to be remembered between visits etc.

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