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I have a UINavigationController to switch between my UIViewContollers, but I'm not using the NavigationTopBar which is hidden. I have just a custom imageButton to switch back on the previous ViewController, so I did a push segue between the imageButton and the previous ViewController.

Everything works but I dont know if it's the good way to do this or instead it's better to use the NavigationTopBar.

My only problem is that when I want to switch back, when I click on the imageButton the view comes from the right to the left, and I want that the view comes from the left to the right, like when you use the NavigationTopBar back button.

How can I do that ?

  1. I keep the imageButton to switch back without the NavigationTopBar.
  2. I use the NavigationTopBar and I customize the back button.
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Try this:

[self.navigationController popViewControllerAnimated:YES];
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