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There is form with text element that should receive focus every time form shown.

In .NET CF Form has no OnShow(n) event

I try to use workaround:

MyForm_GotFocus() // or MyForm_Activated
   txtTextControl.Text = string.Empty;


Code for getting form instance:

public static MyForm GetForm
       if (s_inst == null || s_inst.IsDisposed)
         s_inst = new MyForm();
    return s_inst; 

public static void ShowForm()
   var frm = GetForm;

1) First time ShowForm (Form instance has been created): txtTextControl emptied and got focus, txtTextControl_GotFocus event raised

2) Second time ShowForm : OK too

3) Third time ShowForm : txtTextControl emptied, but does not get focus

Is there bug or feature? Is there workaround? Show I rewrite ShowForm? Is OpenNETCF.IOC.UI is better solution (50 forms in project)?

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Try overriding OnActivated and then focusing your textbox (or whatever you want to do). There's no way for me to test this right now, so I won't post it as an answer because I do not know for sure that it will work. If it works, comment, and I'll re-post as answer. –  Alan Apr 28 '13 at 7:34

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I had that same question once.

Set the TabIndex for the control to 0.

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