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I'm using a css class to define grouping in table rows:

    <tr class="otherClasses group1">...</tr>
    <tr class="otherClasses group1">...</tr>
    <tr class="otherClasses group2">...</tr>
    <tr class="otherClasses group2">...</tr>
    <tr class="otherClasses groupN">...</tr>

Now I need to loop through all the rows in my table and get groupX for each one. Then I'll split the string and extract group ID. What's the correct/best way to get groupX class among all tr classes only giving group prefix?

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The following will return an array with "group" classes:

var groupClasses = $(".otherClasses").map(function() {
    return (this.className.match(/group\d+/) || []).pop();

Or in each() iteration:

$(".otherClasses").each(function() {
    var groupClass = (this.className.match(/group\d+/) || []).pop();
    // ...
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You should be able to use attribute contains selector in jQuery:


Have a look at jquery selectors documentation for more info. You may need to tweak the value depending on your specifics (e.g. add a space before group).

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