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How to get the checked option in a group of radio inputs with JavaScript?

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What do you want to use the option for ?-) Torbjørns answer returns the value, which in most situations would be sufficient, but sometimes it could be possible to do other things ... – roenving Oct 2 '08 at 13:55
I'm guessing he meant the value.... – Torbjørn Oct 2 '08 at 13:59
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    <script type="text/javascript">
      function testR(){
        var x = document.getElementsByName('r')
        for(var k=0;k<x.length;k++)
            alert('Option selected: ' + x[k].value)

      <input type="radio" id="r1" name="r" value="1">Yes</input>
      <input type="radio" id="r2" name="r" value="2">No</input>
      <input type="radio" id="r3" name="r" value="3">Don't Know</input>
      <input type="button" name="check" value="Test" onclick="testR()"/>
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But using document.all to get elements is a bad practice as it only works in a few browsers, use the standard document.getElementsByName instead !-) – roenving Oct 2 '08 at 14:47
You're right... but I think Daniel got the idea. Anyway, I changed "document.all" to "document.getElementsByName" – leoinfo Oct 2 '08 at 15:03

If you need the actual element and not just the selected value, try this:

function findSelected(){
  for (i=0;i<document.formname.radioname.length;i++){
    if (document.formname.radioname[i].checked){
      return document.formname.radioname[i];
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generic functions (loosely based on yours )

function getRadioGroupSelectedElement(radioGroupName) {

    var radioGroup = document.getElementsByName(radioGroupName);
    var radioElement = radioGroup.length - 1;
    for(radioElement; radioElement >= 0; radioElement--) {
            return radioGroup[radioElement];
    return false;

function getRadioGroupSelectedValue(radioGroupName) {

    var selectedRadio = getRadioGroupSelectedElement(radioGroupName);
    if (selectedRadio !== false) {
        return selectedRadio.value;
    return false;
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