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I have following code

if(data.title != false) {
    $('#modal').find('.modal-header h3').html(data.title);
if(data.buttons != false) {
    $.each(data.buttons, function(i, button){
        $('.modal-footer').append('<button class="btn" id="btn_'+button.text+'">'+button.text+'</button>');

        if(jQuery.type( === 'function') {
            console.log('jQuery says it is a function')
            $('.modal-footer').off('click', '#btn_'+button.text).on('click', '#btn_'+button.text,;

It is part of a function which is used to open a bootstrap modal (dialog). I was trying to add the abbility to add custom buttons to the modal like jQuery has on their dialogs.

I send it like this:

    buttons: [
            click: function() {
            click: function() {
    title: 'Hallo',

The title gets added properly and in the console I know is a function when I check it, but when I try to add it as a click event I get the following error:

TypeError: data[option] is not a function   

if (typeof option == 'string') data[option]()

It's the first time I use a function like this. Does anyone know how to make this work ? Thanks in advance!

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Solved it. As I am used to jQuery dialogs I put close as modal function. The Bootstrap modal only takes hide as function to close it again. Now it works great.

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