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Can I find out, to which controller play delegates to?

In this scenario:

public class Menus extends Action.Simple {

    public Result call(Http.Context ctx) throws Throwable {
        ctx.args.put("menus", Menu.find.all());
        return delegate.call(ctx);

    public static List<Menu> current() {
        return (List<Menu>)Http.Context.current().args.get("menus");

can I find out in the call method which controller will be used?

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You could do it by writing a custom annotation for your action composition. See the section labeled Defining custom action annotations on the documentation page below.


Basically, on your annotation interface you would define a parameter to note the controller. Maybe just a simple String and you pass in the controller class name.

@Target({ElementType.TYPE, ElementType.METHOD})
public @interface Menus {
   String value();

When you annotate your controller or action methods you pass in the controller name value:

public static Result index() {
  return ok();

So now in your Action class you can just read the value and do whatever logic you're wanting to do.

public class MenusAction extends Action<Menus> {
  public Result call(Http.Context ctx) {
    if("MyController".equals(configuration.value)) {
      // do something

    ctx.args.put("menus", Menu.find.all());
    return delegate.call(ctx);
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Thanks, somehow I didn't see the configuration.value –  myborobudur Apr 28 '13 at 7:18

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