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I have a problem, what I cannot solve.

I want to build my eclipse cdo server with Tycho/Maven and also I want to have the prossibility to start my cdo-server.product out of eclipse.

The cdo server it set up like this: http://wiki.eclipse.org/Setting_up_a_CDO_Server

No there is my problem: If I choose:


I can start it out of eclipse, but if I want to start the built CDO-Server.app it cannot find this folder.

If I choose:


I can start the built CDO-Server.app, but I can't start it ou of eclipse.

This is all logical, but now I decided to make ${resource_loc:/cdo.server/config} as a property in my pom.xml file. But if I write it like this:


I get the exception, that this is not a parseable POM because of the slash in the tag.

If I want to make it like this:


It also is not a parseable POM. Is there any possibility to use ${resource_loc:/cdo.server/config} as a property?

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The problem in your property definition are the slashes in the name of the property.

The following will fail parsing the pom.xml:


or WhatEverValue

It will also not working if you try to use / as a replacement for the slash in the entity name.

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Thanks for your answer! i know, that the slash doesn't work in this tag, but is there any other possibility to solve this problem? –  IsaMunich Apr 26 '13 at 11:18
If you really need the slashes i don't see one. –  khmarbaise Apr 26 '13 at 17:39
I need it, because I need this: -Dnet4j.config="${resource_loc:/cdo.server/config}" in the vmArgs to start my product in eclipse and to start it when it is built with maven, outside eclipse. –  IsaMunich Apr 28 '13 at 10:24

you may want to try http://mojo.codehaus.org/properties-maven-plugin/read-project-properties-mojo.html to read the properties from a separate file instead in order to get around the XML well-formedness limitation in pom.xml.

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