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I am trying to use jQuery sortable within the TinyMCE Visual Editor in Wordpress. I have had some success in that I can get a UL list to sort, but only if I drag the mouse OUTSIDE of the actual editor. You can see what I mean with this short 1 minute screencast video: http://screencast.com/t/1FNMvLw3Y

Here is the code I am using to run this:

    (function() {
   tinymce.create('tinymce.plugins.tinyMceSort', {
      init : function(ed, url) {
         ed.addButton('tinyMceSort', {
            title : 'TinyMCE Sort',
            image : url+'/tiny_sort.png',
            onclick : function() {
                 ed.execCommand('mceInsertContent', false, '\
                    <ul id="list">\

        ed.onVisualAid.add(function(ed, e, s) {
          console.debug('onVisualAid event: ' + ed.id + ", State: " + s);
           // jQuery('#content_ifr').contents().find('#move').sortable({ containment: '#move' });
            jQuery('#content_ifr').contents().find('#list').sortable({ containment : 'parent', tolerance : 'pointer', cursor : 'move'}).css({'width' : '200px', 'padding' : '10px', 'list-style' : 'none', 'background-color' : '#333'});
            jQuery('#content_ifr').contents().find('li').css({'background-color' : 'grey', 'margin': '10px', 'padding': '10px'});

    ed.plugins.wordpress._showButtons(target, 'tinyMceSort');


    createControl : function(n, cm) {
      return null;

    getInfo : function() {
      return {
        longname : "TinyMCE Sort",
        author : '',
        authorurl : '',
        infourl : '',
        version : ""
   tinymce.PluginManager.add('tinyMceSort', tinymce.plugins.tinyMceSort);

What I would like to know is what do I have do in order to sort the list WITHOUT having to move the mouse outside of the TinyMCE Editor area.

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+1 for the video –  Thariama Apr 29 '13 at 8:16

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Tinymce uses an iframe. I guess the necessary code is not available in the tinymce iframe. In order to load the javascript files using the tinymce script loaderfor the iframe too you may use onInit of tinymce this

// Load a script from a specific URL using the global script loader
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Thanks for answering. I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong, but this doesn't seem to help. I did a further search and found this answer (stackoverflow.com/a/11240770/1653801) which seems that it might also help, but alas I can't get that answer to work outside of jsfiddler. Any other ideas or suggestions? –  user1653801 Apr 29 '13 at 16:24
I've made some progress - I tried a different sorting plugin (HTML5 Sortable -- github.com/farhadi/html5sortable). It works! However, it adds draggable='true' and style="display: list-item;" directly to the li tags that I'm dragging which I do NOT want, as I don't want those to get published to the frontend (this is, after all, in the wordpress visual editor). So, I'm looking for other alternatives - any ideas? Alternatively, any way to fix jquery ui? –  user1653801 Apr 29 '13 at 18:22
beware of jquery ui - i do not touch that if possible –  Thariama Apr 30 '13 at 5:05
Interesting - why is that, if I may ask (I know it's a bit off topic, but not 100% since I do have to choose a solution). Can you perhaps point me to an article or something letting me know it's shortcomings? –  user1653801 Apr 30 '13 at 13:45
no, problem we had is to make jQuery UI work with other js libraries (i guess our use case was a bit specific, jQuery should work fine in most cases) –  Thariama May 2 '13 at 8:40

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