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The problem is when I'm pull and push to the remote repository, it generates a extra commit under my name. The commit says

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://....

I found answers says I should use a command git pull --rebase in git bash to avoid this commit.

But I'm commonly using Tortoisegit. So how can I do it properly with Tortoisegit?

Thanks in advance..

P.S. I'm beginner for the git and the tortoisegit.

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^^^ hardly a useful comment. Tortoise Git is fine for most standard SCM operations on top of Git, including SVN dcommits. –  enorl76 Dec 11 '13 at 20:50

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This is an option since version 1.8 of Tortoise Git. The rebase option can be invoked from a the Fetch command:

TortoiseGit fetch dialog highlighting Launch-Rebase-After-Fetch checkbox

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You might be able to use the Git Sync (it basically a Swiss army knife for git). It hten has a option called Fetch&Rebase which is a drop down from the "Pull". If you switch it by default going forward it will be that option. Really cool utility I just ignored it till like 5 minutes ago. Thanks for the other answer cause it helped me find this better answer.

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