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I have these models:

class Country(db.Model):
    name    = db.StringProperty()
    code    = db.StringProperty()

class Course(db.Model):
    name          = db.StringProperty()
    description   = db.StringProperty()
    country       = db.ReferenceProperty(Country, collection_name='courses')

class Application():
    status    = db.StringProperty()
    course    = db.ReferenceProperty(Course, collection_name='applications')

One country has many courses, and one course has many applications. So how can I get a query with all the applications from a country? Is it even possible?

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The GAE datastore is not a relational model. You cannot do joins. You would need to iterate through each course to get its applications.

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If its a query you perform a lot, then store the country as redundant copy in the Application as an application can only refer to one course, and the course is explicity referencing a country. – Tim Hoffman Apr 26 '13 at 11:23

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