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I've written a plugin, which imitates the behavior of a Chrome search input field. (Having an X, which clears the input).

However, Chrome and IE10 are supporting such behavior natively, so I don't want to apply the plugin in those browsers.

I found a way for IE10. Inject a style element into the DOM, that hides the pseudo elements "::-ms-clear" (that's the x the IE inserts into text inputs) and then check if the pseudo element in the certain input has 'display: none'.

Chrome also adds a pseudo element: "-webkit-search-cancel-button" and I'm also capable of hiding it with CSS, however I'm not able to determine whether it's hidden or not, using getComputedStyle, because Chrome always returns the result of the input itself, instead of the pseudo element. Thanks in advance :)

(function () {

    function hasNativeClearButton(input) {
        var inputCopy = input.cloneNode(),
            head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0],
            style = document.createElement('style'),
            css = '.cc-clearinput-already-supported-test { position: absolute;display: block; } .cc-clearinput-already-supported-test::-ms-clear { display: none; } .cc-clearinput-already-supported-test::clear { display: none; } .cc-clearinput-already-supported-test::-webkit-search-cancel-button { display: none; }';

        style.textContent = css;
        head.insertBefore(style, null);

        inputCopy.className = 'cc-clearinput-already-supported-test';
        inputCopy.value = 'aValue';
        document.body.insertBefore(inputCopy, null);

        alert(window.getComputedStyle(inputCopy, '::-ms-clear').display);
        alert(window.getComputedStyle(inputCopy, '::-webkit-search-cancel-button').display);



    var daInput = document.createElement('input');
    daInput.type = 'search';

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Why not use type=text and avoid the workaround? – Karussell Jun 27 '14 at 12:32
possible duplicate of HTML type="search" detect clear button support – Richard Turner Sep 3 '14 at 11:19

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