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I am currently developing facebook chat clients on multiple platforms;

  • Web: PHP Jaxl 3.x,
  • iOS: Objective-C XMPPFramework,
  • Android: Asmack (<:)>Can't remember which one there are several smack forks and at first i stormed between nearly all of them. < /:)>)

Since 24.04.2013 none of them receive presence as "available" for currently online users, instead "offline" presence is returned. I double-checked with FQL using the SO question here and it is working perfectly on FQL (side note for some: without XMPP connection).

I can receive only available presence over XMPP(JABBER) client, when i receive message.

Any idea on the subject? Am i missing something server connection, API version, etc?.. Seriously, all 3 of them gone and i am currently praying for 1 of them to work, then i can blame myself and encourage myself to fix the issue... :)

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I am using JAXL and can confirm that it works with user and password but not with AppSecret and AccessToken, so it is some change on Facebook's side. – Ivan Baldo Apr 29 '13 at 19:53
Thanks @IvanBaldo for your comment, you were right. I guess they are testing something. As of today 30.04.2013 presence data working as expected. <:)> Still curious about new feature... </:)> – Gökhan Barış Aker Apr 30 '13 at 7:58

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