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I'm trying to delete an entity in google datastore

String keyValue = "someValue";
Key tweetKey = KeyFactory.createKey("tweetKey", keyValue);
Entity someEntity = new Entity(tweetKey);

Entity getEntity = datastore.get(tweetKey);
getEntity = datastore.get(tweetKey);
if(getEntity != null)
   //This happens
   System.out.println("Something wrong");

The entity are not deleted, and it something wrong as the output

Edit 1: I didn't copy and paste from the original code, because there are a lot of other logic in between getting and using values from the entity.

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You are deleting a different key than the one you are checking.

You are deleting the tweetKey and checking the tweetkey (notice the capital K in the first one). If this snippet is a copy paste from your original then that's the mistake.

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Solution: Checking the wrong key, and some wrong logic, Thanks! – user1157751 Apr 26 '13 at 11:34

Make sure you don't have a transaction active and if you do commit it.

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