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I need to get some very specific information from the FogBugz API. Although I can spend time with the API documentation but I was just wondering if folks here had experience with it and might offer some help.

I need this information - for a given date range and a given person I want to know how much time he spent on the tickets.

So, we use the 'working on' feature a lot and I think we can get this info using this feature somehow. Not sure.

So what command/query should I be looking at?

Any suggestions/pointers would be helpful!

Thanks a bunch!

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The FogBugz XML API can get you what you're looking for via the listIntervals command in the Time Tracking section:

cmd=listIntervals - returns all TimeIntervals for a user. Any of the optional arguments serve to filter the results.


  • ixPerson (optional) - Specifies which user's intervals should be returned. If omitted, list intervals for the logged on user. If set to 1, list intervals for all users. Note that you must be an administrator to see time interval information for users other than the logged on user.
  • ixBug (optional) - Specifies that only intervals associated with this bug should be returned.
  • dtStart, dtEnd (optional) - If dtStart and/or dtEnd are supplied, listIntervals will return intervals whose start date falls between dtStart and dtEnd.

So the query you'd be using would look something like this:

[your FogBugz url]/api.asp?token=[your XML API token]&cmd=listIntervals&ixPerson=[ixPerson you're interested in]&dtStart=[start date]&dtEnd=[end date]

For future reference, there is a FogBugz-specific Q&A site: http://fogbugz.stackexchange.com

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Thanks for your response. I ended up using the following two queries - 1. [fogbugz url]?cmd=search&token=[xml api token]&q=editedBy:\"[person name]\" edited:[start date]..[end date]&cols=sTitle,dtLastUpdated,sStatus,sPersonAssignedTo,events,hrsElapsed AND 2. [fogbugz url]?cmd=listIntervals&token=[xml api token]&ixPerson=[fogbugz person id]&dtStart=[start date]&dtEnd=[end date]. After I have this all info, I use XDocument to query it for useful stuff I meed and some mixing and matching and I get my results all fine ! :) – Kumar Vaibhav Apr 28 '13 at 7:15

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