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I have a model Product that can either have just a price, or a price that is connected to a length. I struggling with how to solve this. Which relation should the Product, price and length have? The result I want is that you when you´re looking at a product that has different lengths, you should be able to choose a length from a drop-down list and get the price updated. Been really stuck at this and appreciate all help!

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i think ajax request will be good an instance methods in the model to calculate the new price or you can implement how the price is calculated in js and listen to updating the drop menu to update the price in the html but i think the second option is not good for testing and refactoring issue –  leef Apr 26 '13 at 12:11
Could you please give an example of how that could work with ajax request? –  ana Apr 26 '13 at 12:20

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You could create a 1:n or a n:m association between the products and prices.

product for example has a name and color. prices for example has an amount.

@product = Product.first
if @product.prices.count > 1
   # render your dropdown field which contains a list of all @product.prices amounts.
  # render @product.prices.first amount

The rendering and updating in the view could be done through ajax, like @leef already said in his comment.

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  <% @products.each do |product| %>
      <%= link to product.name, add_price_of_product_path(product),remote: true %></li>
<% end %>


resources :products do 
    member do
        get :add_price_of

product controller

def add_price_of 
    #your code to add the price of the chosen product to the total price   

add add_price_of.js.erb file in the views/products directory and put java scripy code to update the price in the html dom

it would be nice if you notify the users that the price has been add

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