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I am trying to learn Python and PyGObject, so I have written a simple program that adds user inputted two numbers and shows the result and created the user interface using Glade.

enter image description here

enter image description here

It has also an about dialog. However, whenever I want to process response signal coming from the about_dialog, which is given when I hit the Close button or the x in the window title, the interpreter gives TypeError.

Here is the relevant part of the full code which has the Glade file here:

class GUI():
    signalHandler = {
            'on_main_window_destroy': Gtk.main_quit,
            'on_button_quit_clicked': self.on_button_quit_clicked,
            'on_button_about_clicked': self.on_button_about_clicked,
            'on_button_add_clicked': self.on_button_add_clicked,
    def about_response(self, widget, response_id, user_data=None):
    # self.about_dialog.destroy()
    print(widget, response_id, user_data)
    print('About dialog closed.')

When the function is below and when the user_data is set to labelresult Label object, which holds the addition result first_number + second_number, using Glade as it can be seen in this screenshot:

def about_response(self, widget, response_id, user_data):

Output of the below is:

print(self, widget, response_id, user_data)
Output: TypeError: about_response() takes exactly 4 arguments (3 given)

When I make user_data=None, the output is:

(<__main__.GUI instance at 0xb6dd458c>,
<Label object at 0x99c393c (GtkLabel at 0x9aeaa28)>, -6, None)

Without setting the user_data in glade, the output is:

(<__main__.GUI instance at 0xb6d3e58c>,
<AboutDialog object at 0xa09711c (GtkAboutDialog at 0xa191040)>, -6, None)

So, it only changes the GtkDialog *dialog parameter. I cannot understand this, because as I can see here, the signal response throws 3 parameters, however in this case, it throws only 2.

What is going on here, why does Gtk.Dialog response signal spits 2 arguments instead of 3?

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That is a type of signal connection GObject allows, I think. Something along the lines of swapping the user data position with the normal parameters position and removing the emitter. Sincerely I have no idea how to fix this but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Glade. – OdraEncoded Oct 21 '13 at 16:05

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