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I'm using this nice force layout from Flowingdata.com to create a network diagram.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

My diagram currently shows between 5 and 750 nodes with their relations. It works great with some custom changes to fit my needs. However one thing I can't get to work. I have a viewBox with preserveAspectRatio to auto fit the container it is in. But depending on the amount of nodes there are always some nodes around the edges (mainly top and buttom) that get cut off. And if there are very little nodes, it shows them in the middle with huge empty space around it (it's a big container it's in).

Is there any way to auto zoom or scale the layout to auto fit? So that a big layout gets somewhat zoomed out and a small layout zoomed in. I have a zoom event setup so scrolling and panning works like a charm. But can it automatically do that to fit the contents?

The d3.js startup code:

        vis = d3.select(selection)
        .attr("viewBox", "0 0 " + width + " " + height )
        .attr("preserveAspectRatio", "xMidYMid meet")
        .attr("pointer-events", "all")
        .call(d3.behavior.zoom().scaleExtent([.1, 3])
                        .on("zoom", redraw)).append('g');
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You can iterate over the nodes; get the max and min x and y values for all nodes, and calculate the needed zoom and translation to cover all your viz within the SVG size.

I have a piece of code that centres the graph to a given node; this might help you get an idea.

zs = zoom.scale()
zt = zoom.translate();
dx = (w/2.0/zs) - d.x;
dy = (h/2.0/zs) - d.y;
zoom.translate([dx, dy]);

Where w, h are the width and hieight of my SVG canvas, and d the node I want to centre to.

Instead of centring at d.x,d.y, you should calculate the average x and y. And calculate your zoom-scale that will make the width (and height) of your graph to fit in your SVG's width(and size) Pick the bigger zoom of the two.

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Sounds like a good way to start. However, where did you get the zoom object? I tried d3.behavior.zoom and d3.event but the first doesn't have a method scale() and the latter says cannot call method 'scale' of null. –  DaFrenk Apr 26 '13 at 14:15

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