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Is there a way to implicitly convert java.util.Iterable<T> to something that will typecheck in a matcher like foo.items should have size(10) ? I've tried importing scala.collection.JavaConversions but still got a compiler error. Currently I explicitly convert it with scala.collection.JavaConverters.asScala. Scala version is 2.9.

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Java's Iterable isn't supported out of the box. Anything which extends at least java.util.Collection (i.e. java.util.List) should do though. There is an implicit conversion defined in trait ShouldWrappers:

implicit def convertToJavaCollectionShouldWrapper[T](o: Collection[T]): 

To see which types are supported out of the box with ShouldWrappers have a look at the corresponding page of the ScalaDocs.

You can of course implement your own.

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