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I'm looking for a solution to an issue with storing data. let me explain.

I've written a browser plugin which positions elements on specific pages. when the element is clicked it opens an iFrame which connects to a facebook app, pulls some details and stores some data on a mysql database.

that all works great because the iframe is from my url so it is allowed to connect to facebook.

Now my issue:

I need to be able to store a time value using javascript before the element is clicked.

  • i would use local storage but thats specific to the url you're on. I need to be able to access the stored time value upon any url since the plugin is called and loads a .js file onto every website.

  • then i tried connecting to facebook, pulling the users ID, connecting to mysql and storing it their relative to the user ID. That doesnt work since facebook wont let me connect to its server when i'm outside the specified url for the app and thus i cant get user ID.

  • i would store it on the iframe when its clicked, but i need access to it before its clicked.

  • then i thought what if i loaded an invisible iFrame onto the webpage, and either stored it in local storage specific to my Url, or use the iframe to pull the facebook ID and check on the mysql database. no, since i cant access the iframe outside of the iframe and thus use information on the plugin data. hmm

  • then i thought about storing the data within the app itself, like in chromes content.js. thats cool, but this extension will be converted to firefox, safari and windows using (amazing site btw). thus im not sure if its possible.

Any solutions? Either to store values across domains, or access facebook api across domains? or something?

aaaggghh. thanks :)

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You could store the variable in your MySQL database. To grab the value of the variable, you could perform an Ajax request which will respond with the appropriate data, which you can subsequently load into a variable.

To create a link between the browser and your server, you could store a unique ID in a cookie, which will persist in the browser as long as something is being loaded from your domain. Store the same ID in your DB, and when the request comes in just use the ID to select the corresponding data.

See this thread about cross-domain cookies: Cross domain cookie with script tag?

And about JS cookies:

This is pretty much how site's add comment boxes from Disqus in iframes, without requiring you to log in each time.

Here's a screenshot of the cookies being accessed when viewing a site that loads scripts from other domains:

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