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Talking about flags, it's described in the javadoc that the flag ' ' (empty space) will insert automatically an empty space instead of the sign "+" just at the beginning of the number. However when I try it it works only when the first optional argument of the format specifier is filled.

  System.out.printf("% d%n %1$ d%n",0x3);

Even though there is an empty space in both the formatters, it works only in the latter one %1$ d%n whereas in the former % d%n the leading empty space meaning the positive number is absent (even though the flag ' ' is on).

Is there any specific reason why it happens like that? Thanks in advance.

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Try System.out.printf("'% d'%n '%1$ d'%n", 0x3); to see where your error is. –  Keppil Apr 26 '13 at 13:11

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Here is the output of that line of code:


Both lines have a leading space, however, the second line has two spaces because you have a space between the second and third conversion, i.e. if I split the String to make it more readable:

"% d" + "%n" + " " + "%1$ d" + "%n"
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