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I have a similar problem that the function only return the first loop data. The result should be 2 loops and each loop has rows data. For example, The first loop is A and has 5 rows data and second loop is B and has 5 rows. The return value only A with 5 rows, it sould be 10 rows. 5 rows A + 5 rows B. How is the code should be? This function in model is bellow

function getDataForm($data_search)
        foreach($data_search['arr_idacl'] as $idx => $val)
                $sql = "SELECT be_acl_resources.description as description,DATE_FORMAT(tbl_camera_detail.start_time,'%d %M %Y ') as datadate, SUM(IF(tbl_consolid_detail.operation = 'plus' AND tbl_consolid_detail.direction = 'IN',tbl_camera_detail.enters,0))+SUM(IF(tbl_consolid_detail.operation = 'minus' AND tbl_consolid_detail.direction = 'IN',tbl_camera_detail.enters*(-1),0))+SUM(IF(tbl_consolid_detail.operation = 'plus' AND tbl_consolid_detail.direction = 'OUT',tbl_camera_detail.exits,0))+SUM(IF(tbl_consolid_detail.operation = 'minus' AND tbl_consolid_detail.direction = 'OUT',tbl_camera_detail.exits*(-1),0)) as total_enter FROM tbl_consolid JOIN tbl_consolid_detail ON tbl_consolid.id = tbl_consolid_detail.consolid_id JOIN tbl_config_data ON tbl_consolid_detail.config_data_id = tbl_config_data.id JOIN tbl_camera ON tbl_config_data.id_acl = tbl_camera.id_acl JOIN tbl_camera_detail ON tbl_camera.id = tbl_camera_detail.camera_id JOIN be_acl_resources ON tbl_consolid.id_acl = be_acl_resources.id WHERE tbl_camera.date >= '".$data_search['start_date']."' AND date_format(tbl_camera_detail.start_time, '%H, %i %S') >= '".$startOpratingHour."' AND date_format(tbl_camera_detail.start_time, '%H, %i %S') <= '".$operatingHour['finish_time']."' AND tbl_camera.date <= '".$data_search['end_date']."' AND tbl_consolid.id_acl = '".$val."' GROUP BY tbl_camera.date";               
                echo $sql;               
                $query = $this->db->query($sql);
                $result_data[] = $query->result();
                //return $result;
        return $result_data;
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  1. Declare $result_data = array(); just before if(!empty($data_search['arr_idacl'])) condition.
  2. Replace $result_data[] = $query->result(); with $result_data[$i] = $query->result();
    Just close to the answer. :) Try this:
    Replace $result_data[] = $query->result(); with $result_data[$i][] = $query->result();
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Still not working. Here is the controler code : $result['data1'] = $this->database_model->getDataForm($data_search); $this->load->view('admin/database/excel',$result); and this is the view code $n=0; //$data1 = array(); foreach($data1 as $idx => $val) { ?> <tr> <td><? echo $val->datadate; ?></td> <td><? echo $val->description; ?></td> <td><? echo $val->total_enter; ?></td> <td><? echo $number; ?></td> </tr> <?php $n++; } –  Joko Apr 26 '13 at 17:03
That return only two value A and B. it should each value has rows. for example each value has 5 rows, so it should display 10 rows. AAAAABBBBB.The new code only display two rows A and B, and the values are the sum of 5 rows. –  Joko Apr 26 '13 at 17:51
@Joko: Check my update. My 1st answer would have returned Last value in A and Last value in B. Now My 2nd answer will store 5 values of A and 5 values of B. –  elavarasan lee Apr 26 '13 at 18:31
How to display that in view? I use codeigniter. and the code of view like this : <?php $n=0; foreach($data1 as $idx => $val) { ?> <tr> <td><? echo $val[$n]->datadate; ?></td> <td><? echo $val[$n]->description; ?></td> <td><? echo $val[$n]->total_enter; ?></td> </tr> <?php $n++; } –  Joko Apr 28 '13 at 0:25
Ya I'll tell U. But you are getting 10 values now rite??? –  elavarasan lee Apr 28 '13 at 2:47

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