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Hi i got a quick question In R,

We can convert characters to dates for example

v <- c(2008101, 20081202, 20081103)
date <- as.Date(as.character(v), format("%Y%m%d"));date

But how can I convert v<- c(200801, 200802) to 2008-01 and 2008-02?

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What about something simple like:

##Give each entry a date
v = paste0(v, "01")
##Convert as before
date = as.Date(as.character(v), format("%Y%m%d"));

You could even write a little function to do this automatically:

to_date = function(v) {
  v = as.character(v)

  missing_day = nchar(v) < 7
  v[missing_day] = paste0(v[missing_day], "01")
  as.Date(v, format("%Y%m%d"))

##Last value is missing the date
v = c(2008101, 20081202, 20081103, 200811)
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I think the desired result is 2008-01, but your solution gives me 2008-01-01. Thoughts? –  Roman Luštrik Apr 26 '13 at 13:10
Have not thought about pasting, Great answer, thanks –  user2298382 Apr 26 '13 at 13:25
@RomanLuštrik I suppose it comes down to what and how the OP uses the date. When I'm in this situation I don't usually care about the day (for example plotting of 100 years). –  csgillespie Apr 26 '13 at 15:09

Here's another alternative:

foo <- function(x){
  x <- as.Date(as.character(x), format("%Y%m%d"))
  newDates <- lapply(strsplit(as.character(x), "-"), "[", -2)
  sapply(newDates, function(x) paste(x[1],x[2],  sep="-"))

> foo(v)
[1] "2008-01" "2008-02" "2008-03"
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