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I am trying to make binary search in ArrayList, but the binarySearch method does not work for Long, as well as Double and Float. My code is

import java.util.*;

 public class BinarySearchInArrayList{
 public static void main(String[]args){
    ArrayList<Long> ar = new ArrayList();
    for(long l = 1;l<100000;l++){

    System.out.println("arraylist: "+ar); 
    System.out.println("Which number's index do you want to know? ");
    Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in);
    int p = scan.nextInt();
    int index = Collections.binarySearch(ar,p);
    System.out.println("number "+p+" has index "+index);


When I use Integer instead of Long, it works fine, but I want to make it with Long. Can you help me, please?

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int p = scan.nextInt();
int index = Collections.binarySearch(ar,p);

Above should be:

long index = Collections.binarySearch(ar,p);
long p = scan.nextLong();
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Yes! That's it! Thanks a lot. –  marek Apr 26 '13 at 13:23
@marek You can accept this answer if it solves your problem. –  Achintya Jha Apr 26 '13 at 13:24

I'd recommend using Apache's ArrayUtils for this:


It offers this method:

static int  indexOf(long[] array, long valueToFind, int startIndex)

Which finds the index of the given value in the array starting at the given index.

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