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i'm kinda new to regular expressions. I have this case where i want to split many words like

"foo_bar_21", "bla_keks_38", etc. to

["foo_bar", "21"], ["bla_keks", "38"]

basically i want the last element which is always a number to be separated and the underscore before only that number removed.

How do I do that?

thanks for your help guys, very much appreciated.

*edit: i forgot to mention that i try to do this in java ^^'

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how about this regex:

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[bash_prompt$]echo $l
[bash_prompt$] i=${l##*_}; j=${l%%_[0-9]*}
[bash_prompt$] echo "i=$i, j=$j"
i=21, j=foo_bar


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thanks for your reply, although i haven't found a way to apply this to java strings, any suggestions? –  Jan Rabe Apr 26 '13 at 14:57

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