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when I was checking the latest difference in code in SVN Log, accidently I clicked blame differences insted of show differences. Now, when I check the log again I do not see anything visible related to my blaming.

Do you know what exactly happens when you blame a difference? Does it effect the repository and if yes, how can I undo that?

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My understanding of blame, is that it shows you who last modified a given line in a given file so you can determine which person to blame for that change. It does not change anything on the server side.


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Thanks. also in scribd.com/doc/6793213/TortoiseSVN14 page 89, there is a nice description. –  pencilCake Oct 26 '09 at 10:06
Thanks for that nice link! I did not think of looking into the documentation of the tortoiseSVN client. –  jdehaan Oct 26 '09 at 18:07

In short: blaming shows you, who made which changes were to a file. Ususally the last changes will be shown for a given file for a simple blame report. If you choses to show the blame for a diff of two revisions, you will get the diff of the blame reports for the changes.

But there is no change in the repository.

Take a look at chapter

4.23. Who Changed Which Line?

in the TortoiseSVN help file.

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