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According to the ruby guide we have decided to use which can be found here it seems like it's a very good idea to specify the encoding of a gem and the source files within the gem. My question is does:

# -- encoding: utf-8 --

At the top of a gemspec filter through all the files in the gem or should it be specified in each file for completeness?

I would hope it filters throughout the files in the gem but would rather ask and be safe than sorry!!

I also looked at:

How does the magic comment ( # Encoding: utf-8 ) in ruby​​ works?


How can I avoid putting the magic encoding comment on top of every UTF-8 file in Ruby 1.9?

According to the later link there is no way to ensure this short of putting it in every file but I wondered whether the gemspec declaration was special in some way??

Thanks in advance for any help.

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The file encoding header specifies the encoding for that file. It doesn't specify the encoding of other files. How could it?

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