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I'm streaming the audio file (.mp3) from internet with Android Media Player.

It works quite well except Samsung Devices. As far as I see, it doesn't stream the audio but tries to download. It sometimes pushes Media Player Error (1 -1004). Nothing is getting played.

I also tried to redirect the Application to the Media Player with URL of audio file, it goes to Music Player application, indicating "Preparing..." for a while, but then It shows the message "sorry, player does not support this type of audio" with Toast.

Anybody else had the same error before ? Any advise to find a solution ?


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There are some bugs in native sound libraries on Samsung Galaxy S2 for instance (look here). I had those problems (random crashes / freezes) and solved it by using OpenSL library for that specific case.

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Thanks for the answer. I was searching on internet for a while to figure out how OpenSL library works. I also found another API called AudioTrack API in Android. I don't know which one is more suitable and easier to implement. I basically need to stream the audio from the server. any suggestion, if you already tried both of them ? –  osayilgan Apr 26 '13 at 16:04
I haven't used AudioTack because I had only few sounds I wanted to be played locally, not using any streaming. Library I found was OpenSL-SoundPool ( which fit me perfecty, because SoundPool was the class I used before, but with problems described above. Not sure if this can help, you, if you want streaming, though... –  Fenix Voltres Apr 28 '13 at 11:08
Instead of Streaming the file my own, I decided to download file then play it from directory for Samsung devices except Google branded Samsung devices. –  osayilgan May 3 '13 at 13:47

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