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I have my structure set up so that any entry could contain a reference to another entry to fill in the missing details.

0,  Stuff,      Things, -1
1,       ,            , 0
2, Things,       Stuff, -1

I want to be able to return all the results for the table and if an entry requires a reference to another entry to complete the data, to fill the reference field with the data. I also want to keep the original ID of the reference field. I also want the fields that don't require a reference to be left alone.

SELECT `ID`, `REFERENCE` FROM `details` as `t`
     IF `REFERENCE` != -1 THEN
          SELECT *, `t`.`REFERENCE` as `ORIGINAL_ID` FROM `details` WHERE `ID` = `t`.`REFERENCE`
          SELECT * FROM `details` WHERE `ID` = `t`.`ID`

Obviously that won't work, but I'm just trying to demonstrate to you what I think I want. Is this possible? Thanks for reading.

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You can get close with something like this:

    COALESCE(reffed.Name, t.name) AS name,
    COALESCE(reffed.whatever, t.whatever) AS whatever,
    COALESCE(... and so on ...)
  FROM details t
  LEFT OUTER JOIN details reffed ON t.Reference = reffed.id

If there's a referenced value it will take precedence over the "base" value because of the COALESCE.

If Reference = -1 or if Reference doesn't point to a valid id the referenced value will be null so COALESCE will return the "base" value (t.whatever instead of reffed.whatever).

Note that this assumes you won't have an actual row where details.id = -1.

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I think you just want a left outer join and some logic in the select statement.

The following code adds two new columns. These incorporate the logic that they pull from the referenced row, if any, and then from the original data:

select d.*,
       (case when Reference >= 0 then dref.name else d.name end) as UsedName,
       (case when Reference >= 0 then dref.description else d.description end) as UsedDescription
from details d left outer join
     details dref
     on d.reference = dref.id
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