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I want to set up configuration described below:

  • Registered user can not push his changes directly to master. He has to push these changes for review:

    "git push origin master" - it should be rejected by Gerrit (origin = Gerrit)

    "git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master" - it should be allowed by Gerrit

  • Registered user can create a new branch. This branch will be treated as a backup and a way of cooperation between two or more developers so it shouldn't be reviewed.

    "git push origin xyz_abc" - it should be allowed by Gerrit

How should I configure Gerrit to achieve such functionality ?

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AFAIK you can set up permissions for every repo/project in gerrit. For example who can push / who can force push / who can approve your changes and all that. Check below link if it is usefull :

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just linking to the documentation is not very helpful to answer such specific question – CK1 Jul 21 '15 at 9:06

If there are many branches you can use namespaces (e.g. dev/*) for branches and set access control for these namespaces.

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