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I trying to read the data from the control file of a Debian Packages like the next example in C++

Package: com.example.test
Version: 1.0
Homepage: http://example.com

Something like that but with the next code I can read it but when is in the Homepage only get "http"

string item;

vector<string> data;

stringstream str(line);

while(getline(str, item, ':' )) {

With data[0] read "Homepage" and data[1] get data.

How can I do this?

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Only specify : as ending the field when you read the first item on a line.

std::string key, value;

while (std::getline(infile, key, ':'))
     std::getline(infile, value);

Instead of a vector of strings alternating between keys and values, I'd probably use an std::map (or possibly std::multimap), which is built fairly specifically for situations like this:

std::map<std::string, std::string> package_data;

while (std::getline(infile, key, ':')) {
     std::getline(infile, value);

     package_data[key] = value;

Then, you can look up values directly from keys:

 std::string homepage = *package_data.find("Homepage");
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Thanks it's perfect! –  Rotciv Apr 26 '13 at 15:51

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